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  • OptiCan HYBRID Flasher

    OptiCan HYBRID Flasher

    OptiCan HYBRID Flasher is OptiCan’s newest flash tool. This is the best priced flash tool on the market. There have been requests for a low cost version of OptiCan Flash tools, so OptiCan have therefore developed a high quality, small size flash tool that don’t take any space in any tool box. The size of the OptiCan HYBRID Flasher fits like a glow in your hand – see picture attached All functions in OptiCan HYBRID […]

  • Piasiniengineering Serial Suite Tool

    Piasiniengineering Serial Suite Tool

    With the experience acquired in many years of study and collaboration with tuners of vehicles, we have developed a Suite for programming the latest Electronic Control Unit with the Microprocessor of the family ST10. For comfortable in line flash programming of ECU that are integrating with the latest ST10 (ST) MCU and in the future update also the C166,C167 (infineon), SH 7055,SH7058 (Renesas) to allows the setting of the optimized performances for the vehicle without […]

  • OptiCan and AmD Technik announce strategic alliance

    OptiCan and AmD Technik announce strategic alliance

    AmD and OptiCan has made an strategic alliance, where AmD will be marketing OptiCan world wide for their dealers. AmD will be using Optican database with their own tuning files, so the AmD dealers World Wide will be able to access new tuning software from AmD for all types of cars 24/7 year round. AmD is a well known UK based company established in 1987. In February 2007 was AmD taken over by two other […]

  • New OptiCan Counter

    New OptiCan Counter

    Optican are proud to announce the new software OptiCan Counter. With the OptiCan Counter you can now change the „flash Counter“ in the edc16 ecu’s. No other flash tool is presently able to offer this function. Consequently, OptiCan is the only tool in the world that can presently provide this option. As required, the check sum will be set to the original value when original flashing of the ECU is performed. In addition, the software […]

  • The hottest new mtm Audi S3 with up to 330 HP!

    The hottest new mtm Audi S3 with up to 330 HP!

    Motoren Technik Mayer GmbH from Wettstetten, Germany, laid their hands on the new referee within the sport compact car arena. The Audi S3 creates great competition within its own corporation to Golf GTI and R32 as well the bavarian colleagues BMW with the mighty 130i. Through the mtm-provided components for motor, breaks, exhaust system and suspension, they have distanced themselves even more from their competitors raising the S3 to an uncompromising racer! Better performance and […]

  • Dimsport Genius

    Dimsport Genius

    Dimsport Technology finally presents Genius, the first Touch&Map tool allowing the serial reading and programming of the memory of the ECU managing the vehicle engine. Its Stand alone conception and its touch screen panel makes it a unique tool. Being and independent tool, Genius does not need to be connected to a PC during the reading and the programming procedures, thus avoiding dangerous blocks or slowdowns caused by the multitasking operating system of the PC. […]

  • DNA SRS now available for Porsche 997

    DNA SRS now available for Porsche 997

    For those not in the know, SRS is the revolutionary new tuning solution that puts performance re-mapping into the hands of the owner. Using the SRS on Porsches is fast and easy. On first being plugged into the car’s diagnostic socket, one press of a button takes an exact copy of the standard E.C.U content, and stores it within the SRS module. With this information, we can provide either an immobiliser map, a valet mode […]