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  • BSR SEAT Leon 2.0T FSI

    BSR SEAT Leon 2.0T FSI

    BSR in Sweden is a high-tech company and is the market leader in optimisation of car engines, both in terms of performance and environmental control. BSR offers professional tuning services for a large number of European cars, using, among other tuning technologies, the PPC® Tuning system, developed by BSR. The PPC® is supplied with a highly developed and sophisticated tuning program from BSR. The PPC® Tuning System is easily installed and will after a few […]

  • APR DirectPort Programming

    APR DirectPort Programming

    Many of you are already familiar with APR’s revolutionary patent pending Enhanced Modular Chipping System. EMCS allows a user to have multiple programs and options on their vehicles computer, ready to be changed through the buttons of the factory cruise control switch. APR is now making DirectPort Programming available to the public. DirectPort programming allows all of the same functionality of EMCS, but without ANY hardware. This system allows programs to uploaded to the engine […]

  • More power for the new Audi Q7

    More power for the new Audi Q7

    For over 38 years the name nothelle has been synonymous with a passion for engineering excellence. The Q7 is the latest addition to the Audi family. nothelle from Ratingen, Germany, has already for the launch laid its hands on this model and has enhanced it both visually and in terms of its power and dynamism. The Q7 initially starts out with two engines, namely a large three litre turbo diesel, the 3.0 V6 TDI with […]

  • DNA SRS (Serial Remap Switch)

    DNA Tuning have just launched their “SRS” pocket sized OBD serial port programmer for Porsche, VAG, BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover applications. The SRS system is a revolutionary new tuning solution that puts performance re-mapping into the hands of the owner. On first being plugged into the car’s diagnostic socket, a single press of a button takes an exact copy of the standard ECU content, and stores it within the SRS unit. Another press and […]

  • REVO 2.0T FSI Programming Now Available

    Factory rated at 200 horse power, the new 2.0T FSI engine is a formidable power plant. Revo Technik now takes this already potent motor and through their proprietary flash programming, significantly increases power and performance With the first generation of Revo Technik programming, changing between performance and stock modes, enabling their supplemental security system, or opting for a more aggressive 93 or 100 octane program, is accomplished using the optional SPS-1 or SPS-2 switches. However, […]

  • Abt Sportsline’s iS-technology

    So far the idea that an engine could consume less fuel but enjoy greater performance and have significantly less impact on the environment seemed unthinkable. But with Abt Sportsline’s new iS-technology for 2.0 T-FSI engines of the Volkswagen group this vision has become reality. With the iS-series, the Bavarian tuning specialists, who are also victorious in the DTM, have managed to combine three extremes: higher performance, less consumption and a reduced CO2-emission. It is fascinating […]

  • OETTINGER DPT Direct Port Technology

    Direct Port allows the Oettinger dealers and importers worldwide immediate access to the latest Oettinger performance enhancement data files and makes them available for the customer as soon as they are released. Using the Direct-Port-Cable, a laptop and an internet connection the tuning is carried out without having to open or remove the motor management ECU. Using this equipment the dealer has access to the complete Oettinger Database and all the motor mappings filed there. […]