With the experience acquired in many years of study and collaboration with tuners of vehicles, we have developed a Suite for programming the latest Electronic Control Unit with the Microprocessor of the family ST10.

For comfortable in line flash programming of ECU that are integrating with the latest ST10 (ST) MCU and in the future update also the C166,C167 (infineon), SH 7055,SH7058 (Renesas) to allows the setting of the optimized performances for the vehicle without to compromise of the reliability.

One of the point of force of the system consists in the complete readability of the Flash eeprom, the Flash of the MCU and the serial eeprom from whichever ECU. With small dimensions that can be portable to wherever you want. This product is destined to all those who wants to give an accurate setting to the owned vehicle. We hold in beyond specifying that every single Tool, before the sale rigorously is tested in many several and extreme conditions of use.Our guarantee covers two year the tool.

Datasheet Tool:

Power supply 12 V
Small dimensions: 120x100x30 mm
Automotive technology SMD
Memory flash inside
Interface USB 2.0B full compliant
Interface ISO K-line on SUB D 9pin Male connector
System power 30W

Software – users

The Piasiniengineering Serial Suite is available are two kinds of versions:
Piasiniengineering Serial Suite Standard, for developers (Enquire to us)
Piasiniengineering Serial Suite Compact, only for Piasiniengineering Affiliates customers.

The Kit is dedicated to the companies that operate in the tuning market and electronic setting files for Cars ECU.
With this banal example we evidence the importance of the kit of development have the equipment, interface and module can be very equipped fir and the operation and the satisfaction of the customer.

Serial Suite Software

The software have high security guard trough Hasp and Server coded algorithm for each device, the updated release can direct from the software interface download.

Compositions Kit
1. Tool Bag
1. Device
1. Software Piasiniengineering Suite
1. USB Cable
1. Power supply 220V/13.5V
1. Hasp Key Aladin
8. General pourpose cables.