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  • New Bosch EDC17 engine management system

    New Bosch EDC17 engine management system

    In 2006 Bosch will introduce a new generation of diesel engine control units with the EDC17. The Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) controls every parameter that is important for effective, low-emission combustion. EDC17: Ready for future demands Because the computing power and functional scope of the new EDC17 can be adapted to match particular requirements, it can be used very flexibly in any vehicle segment on all the world’s markets. In addition to controlling the precise […]

  • 2.0 TFSI Chiptuning, now with IS technology

    2.0 TFSI Chiptuning, now with IS technology

    Anybody wanting to increase the vehicle’s power but keep the operating costs as low as possible can take advantage of Abt Sportsline’s special technology for the 2.0 Turbo FSI engine. No matter whether VW Golf GTI, VW Jetta, SEAT Leon, Audi A4, A3 or Skoda Octavia RS – Abt equips the standard Turbo FSI engines with the appropriate power. Also Wolfsburg´s new beauty, the EOS, will be available with the IS-technology by Abt. The powerful […]

  • Bentley Continental GT from MTM

    Bentley Continental GT from MTM

    The Bentley Continental GT is a perfect car, you would think at least. And everyone would agree with this. Nevertheless, Motorentechnik Mayer has a number of tuning measures up its sleeve which accentuate its strengths without distorting its character. MTM supplies various performance kits. The spectrum ranges from optimized programming of the control electronics through to the complete conversion of the engine unit. All the versions have been developed by MTM on its proprietary dynamometers […]

  • OETTINGER Direct-Port Tuning – now also for the Turbo Diesel Drive

    OETTINGER Direct-Port Tuning – now also for the Turbo Diesel Drive

    After the tuning for motors driven by turbo-loaded petrol/gasoline (1.8T, 2.0T-FSI, 2.7T), OETTINGER as the specialist for tuning Audi- and Volkswagen-specialist, from today offers its Turbo-Diesel chip tuning by means of DPT technology (direct-port-technology) also for all motors driven by turbo-loaded petrol/gasoline – even for vehicles with particle filters! The tuning in these cases is carried out directly through the OBD interface of the vehicle without having to remove the control unit. Thus the customers […]

  • Atek cable assemblies

    Atek cable assemblies

    Atek is a leading supplier to the scan tool industry of high quality molded automotive diagnostic cable assemblies. Their cable assemblies are designed and manufactured to stand up to the harsh conditions of the automotive service environment and are custom built-to-order based upon the your specific configuration requirements (length, number of conductors, what’s at the other end of the cable, etc.). Atek manufactures a wide variety of molded cable assemblies & adapters, from the most […]

  • Turbo diesel performance from Allard

    Turbo diesel performance from Allard

    AMC remaps from Allard Motor Company are the state of the art in Turbo diesel performance. Using the same software that powered Allard to victory in the Diesel Cup Class of the VW Cup ‘05, along with achieving 3rd overall in the championship. And more recently winning the fourth round of 2006 Volkswagen Racing Cup, helps demonstrate the level of performance and reliability that can be achieved by Allard. Now the software and performance parts […]

  • select and select plus for 2.0T FSI

    select and select plus for 2.0T FSI

    Factory rated at 200 horse power, the new 2.0T FSI engine is a formidable power plant. Six months ago Revo Technik released software that is flashed via our proprietary flash programming system that significantly increases the power and performance of this already potent motor. Now six months later, Revo are proud to announce the imminent release* of his latest products, ‘select’ and ‘select plus’ these new ‘plug-in’ devices enable the user to change the ECU’s […]

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