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Vtechdyno EVO – a new line of modular, expandable chassis dynamometers – has been shown at Automechanika Frankfurt. The basis 2WD model (VT-2) starts from 14.900 €.

Modular dynamometer means that there is no need to buy AWD dyno at once. You can have the front module, without electromagnetic brakes, and install brakes, AWD extension with synchronization and additional sensors later. Thanks to fully modular design, everything is expandable. There is no need of investing more money for full AWD to avoid being stuck with 2WD. Now 2WD → AWD expansion is easy. AWD is fully mechanically synchronized. Apart from typical sensors (AFR, EGT, Boost etc), the control software includes OBD2/CAN input of data.

The VT2/VT4 chassis dynamometers series have been present on the European market for almost 20 years. The first rolling road was created and installed in 1999 and since the very beginning they featured an exceptional accuracy of measurement and reliability. During the following years the chassis dynos (rolling roads) have been constantly developed and improved by R&D department, significantly widening the product range. Today variants of our dynamometers include modular one-axle dynamometer and 4WD chassis dynamometer for 4×4 vehicles. Multiple models, configurations and options of chassis dynamometer product line are available.

chassis dynamometer

Vtechdyno dynamometers are available in both inertial and braked versions. Additionally, in the 4×4 version a novelty system of mechanical synchronisation of front and rear axles is used, which gives the possibility for measuring the most modern cars, equipped with active traction control systems. Supplementary to this wide offer are dynamometers for motorcycles and quads. All models can be installed in pit or on surface.

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