Dimsport Technology finally presents Genius, the first Touch&Map tool allowing the serial reading and programming of the memory of the ECU managing the vehicle engine. Its Stand alone conception and its touch screen panel makes it a unique tool. Being and independent tool, Genius does not need to be connected to a PC during the reading and the programming procedures, thus avoiding dangerous blocks or slowdowns caused by the multitasking operating system of the PC. Moreover it is a particular easy and user-friendly tool thanks to its practical Touch screen panel.

To grant the highest standards of safety, Genius is equipped with a battery which – should and accidental disconnection from the OBDII socket happen during programming – allows to easily restore the communication with the ECU, as all the Dimsport branded serial programming protocols grant. This new revolutionary tool supports CAN systems, too, other than K Line, L Line and J1850. Genius has a big memory capacity, supplied by a removable 256Mb SD card, which can be expanded up to 1 GByte.

Genius is therefore:

Easy to use thanks to its touch screen panel and to a user-friendly interface.
Safe as it is a stand alone device working without being connected to a personal computer or laptop.
Extremely stable during the dedicate procedures of reading and programming.
Updates are available directly through USB Connection

Technical features

LCD 320×240 pixel display, CCFL backlight, transflective
Touch screen with touch panel
512kbyte protected flash microprocessor memory
16 Mb RAM memories
File archive memory in 256 MByte Secure Digital expandable up to 1GByte
Alert Led for SD, USB, Power supply, Diagnostic line
Internal clock with memory and 3 volt Lithium battery
8.4volt 600mAh rechargeable internal battery
12 volts to 30 volts Power supply tension
Communication lines with diagnostic port K Line, L Line, Can 2.0, J1850
USB Connection to PC

KIT Genius, supplied in the specific suitcase:

1 Genius console
1 OBD2 Wiring (K Line – CAN Bus – J1850)
1 Desk Power Supply feeder and for battery charger, 12 volt 110/240v with universal electric adapters
1 Adapter for compatibility with Flash4 system wirings
4 Touch Panel pens
1 USB wiring
1 Pin to Pin universal wiring for K Line connections
1 connection wiring to battery
1 CD Handbook

more information should be available contacting Dimsport: www.dimsport.com


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