OptiCan HYBRID Flasher is OptiCan’s newest flash tool. This is the best priced flash tool on the market. There have been requests for a low cost version of OptiCan Flash tools, so OptiCan have therefore
developed a high quality, small size flash tool that don’t take any space in any tool box.

The size of the OptiCan HYBRID Flasher fits like a glow in your hand – see picture attached
All functions in OptiCan HYBRID is available with a pc or laptop.
Do not mistake our new OptiCan HYBRID for a “cheap no good tool” – The OptiCan HYBRID has the highest possible quality on all parts – all build in a small handy format.

Of course does OptiCan HYBRID come as Master and Slave versions, as well as a new credit version. The new system is also compatible with the larger OptiCan systems (One & Dual).

There is now possible to have all OptiCan system either as a complete updated system with support functions (cost update) or just buy for the update you need, and as a “pay as you go” system with credits. The credit system is updated online as you need the flashes.

Get new business with OptiCan HYBRID Flasher through new options for your self and your customers.