Optican are proud to announce the new software OptiCan Counter. With the OptiCan Counter you can now change the „flash Counter“ in the edc16 ecu’s. No other flash tool is presently able to offer this function.

Consequently, OptiCan is the only tool in the world that can presently provide this option. As required, the check sum will be set to the original value when original flashing of the ECU is performed.

In addition, the software will run on any commercially available PC or laptop to enable you to directly access your own data.

Information on the flash counter:
With every ECU, especially those ECUs of the Audi/VAG Group, the following information will be saved when flashing from the control unit: both programming attempts via diagnosis and successfully completed programming attempts.

Thus, the manufacturer will be able to check at any time, whether a vehicle is tuned or whether it is still in its original state. Thanks to the new OptiCan Counter software, this problem is a thing of the past.

Optican annoucend that all OptiCan software is now ready for Windows Vista.

Flasher version 402
Debugger version 301
Console version 102


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