For those not in the know, SRS is the revolutionary new tuning solution that puts performance re-mapping into the hands of the owner. Using the SRS on Porsches is fast and easy. On first being plugged into the car’s diagnostic socket, one press of a button takes an exact copy of the standard E.C.U content, and stores it within the SRS module.

With this information, we can provide either an immobiliser map, a valet mode map, a road performance map, or various track day or race maps.

A SRS module can contain up to 8 maps including the standard map, making it possible for a customer to purchase just one map or a variety of maps for different applications. Once the SRS module contains the chosen maps, the customer may upload and download maps to the car’s ECU as required, all at the press of a button. There is no need to open or tamper with the E.C.U, – a huge bonus for models where the car needs to be almost taken apart to access the ECU.

No PC or other programming software/hardware is required by the customer. What makes the SRS unique as a method of direct tuning via the serial port, is that the standard content, when fired back into the E.C.U, is completely standard and unmodified in any way.

Other methods of direct serial port tuning add extra software to the E.C.U code for purposes such as identification or map switching. Dealer service equipment would find such changes and occasionally be unable to interrogate or ‘reflash’ the E.C.U at all, thus invalidating the Warranty.

Programming via the diagnostic port using the SRS solves the quandary of all owners who want extra power and performance, but without compromising their warranty. Another large ‘plus’ is that it takes less than 30 seconds to download a copy of the standard ECU contents and another 30 seconds to upload the performance file. SRS is currently available for:

Porsche 996, 996 Turbo, Boxster, 997
BMW New Mini
BMW 300D diesel range
Mercedes diesel
VW/Audi PD diesel
VW/Audi ME7 petrol engine range (including; S3 and Audi TT)
Land Rover TD4 and TD6

Further information is available on the DNA Tuning website, www.dnatuning.com or by emailing info@dnatuning.com