A new Dynorace has just been released! The new Dynorace A2CTION power bench tester has been designed and developed to support the latest vehicles technology: the result is extraordinary, a 4WD braked dynamometer – also available in ACTIVE configuration – provided with single roller frame and rigid connection between front and rear axle (thanks to a driveshaft).

This platform has been conceived not only to brake the acceleration of the car (simulating load conditions/uphill roads) but also – when provided in ACTIVE configuration – to accelerate the rotation of the wheels (simulating downhill conditions and for hybrid/electric vehicles testing while – as example – recharging the batteries).

The structure of the new power bench tester supports two brakes (one for each axle) and an electric engine (optional) between the two axles. Top quality parts and components have been selected to ensure the maximum reliability and testing accuracy even in case of high performances vehicles.

An additional roller has been mounted on the front axle so to facilitate the vehicle positioning on the power bench tester. High inertia rollers (diameter 605 mm) have been produced with a knurling surface treatment which limits the risk of slip. Moreover, a new set of bearings improve their performances and durability.

A new state-of-the-art electronic management board allows faster data collecting, so to guarantee a very high precision in the testing operations.


SINGLE ROLLER developed to achieve greater inertia and supported by a high-resistance alloy steel shaft, with conical couplers to ensure a perfect alignment.

DIRECT MECHANICAL CONNECTION, to faithfully replicate the road working conditions. The front-rear connection is ‘excludable’, a peculiar feature of Dimsport Dynorace power bench testers.

AUTOMATIC WHEELBASE ADJUSTMENT achieved by inputting the vehicle wheelbase size in the management software, so to automatically set the exact position of the moving axle.

EDDY CURRENT BRAKE provided with a forced air duct to keep the load cell in a controlled temperature range.

SAFETY BRAKE to slow down the power bench and the vehicle in testing phase and to ensure maximum safety also in case of emergency.

POSITIONING ROLLERS to set the most suitable position (automatically determined by the software by inputting the tire size) and also to identify situations of slip between tire and roller.

33 KW ELECTRIC ENGINE (OPTIONAL) soon available to support realistic road simulation cycles and to replicate the inertial mass of the vehicle in testing also for homologous purposes.

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