• Litchfield Announces New ‘ECU Connect’ Engine and Gearbox ECU Options For GT-R

    Litchfield Announces New ‘ECU Connect’ Engine and Gearbox ECU Options For GT-R

    Respected supercar tuner Litchfield has announced the development of its latest range of version 6 engine and gearbox map upgrades for the Nissan R35 GT-R. Having worked closely with long standing technical partner EcuTek, Litchfield has created a range of innovative revisions to include new hardware which will transform how owners interact with their GT-Rs. This latest software calibration significantly moves the game on in terms of performance and functionality. Having worked together for many […]

  • Tuning for Volvos

    Tuning for Volvos

    After several years of research and development BSR Tuning announce some unique Tuning for Volvos new generation VEA diesel engines. The new tuning kits are different from anything else on the market and promise a hard to beat power increase. Since Volvo is one of the brands which has been a big part of the foundation of the BSR success story, the pressure and demand to deliver tuning for Volvos VEA engines has been huge. […]

  • DIMSPORT North America

    DIMSPORT North America

    It is now official: Dimsport presence in the USA has been improved thanks to the opening of DIMSPORT NORTH AMERICA, important new branch established to reinforce our presence in the global tuning market. The new company is situated in Ohio, a strategic choice to better serve USA and Canada, key markets in which their products have long since been appreciated by professionals and end-users for a wide range of applications. Dimsport North America joins the […]

  • LITCHFIELD 650bhp Stage 1 Upgrade For Audi RS6

    LITCHFIELD 650bhp Stage 1 Upgrade For Audi RS6

    Respected British tuner Litchfield has released details of its ‘real world’ tuning package for Audi’s blistering RS6. Offering a sensible 100 bhp over the car’s standard output, this simple and cost-effective conversion transforms the rapid load-lugger into a truly rapid mile-muncher – with some 650 bhp. Litchfield’s extensively-tested Stage 1 upgrade improves the already excellent standard RS6 by remapping and calibrating the engine management system. This recalibration will releases extra horsepower and torque, transforming the […]

  • E3 Performance Tuning Boxes

    E3 Performance Tuning Boxes

    A new tuning box has just been released, the E3 Performance Tuning Boxes. The E3 Box is the easiest and safest way to improve the performance of your car, without warranty issues. The E3 Box is unique: it’s the only box with overheating protection. It will also help you save money by reducing fuel consumption and reduce your ecological footprint. The E3 Performance Tuning Boxes will give you more power and torque, but they will […]

  • Chiptuning Porsche 911 Carrera S II with DTE PowerControl

    Chiptuning Porsche 911 Carrera S II with DTE PowerControl

    People are in a state of excitement – again! After the SUVs, Cayenne and Macan, the rediscovery of the diesel engines, and the Panamera, here comes the next shocker: From now on the Porsche 911 Carrera S and 4S II will no longer carry a naturally aspirated engine, but a twin-turbo unit in the rear. „Revolution“, the traditionalists are shouting. „Finally“, says the DTE-Tuning-Team rubbing their hands with satisfaction. All facts at glance: DTE PowerControl […]