Dimsport’s experience shows that every engine, every setup, every rider has a “peculiar” story to tell.

This is true also for every new applications being developed which is ultimately determined by a new and exciting challenge. It was no different when the new Suzuki GSXR 1000 rolled into Dimsport Rapid Bike R&D Dept, the mission was clear since the very beginning: “the beast” could be improved only by smoothing out its wild nature … today they are extremely satisfied since without any doubt we fully succeeded with reaching this goal!

At lower TPS openings the engine response is much more predictable and bike’s handling is definitely more friendly especially in regards of drive-by-wire’s side-effects; power gain is consistent and helps to push strongly the bike out from the curves while securing additional horsepower even in case of a vehicle in stock configuration…

… but who is going to leave “the beast” in his cage ?!