Many of you are already familiar with APR’s revolutionary patent pending Enhanced Modular Chipping System. EMCS allows a user to have multiple programs and options on their vehicles computer, ready to be changed through the buttons of the factory cruise control switch. APR is now making DirectPort Programming available to the public. DirectPort programming allows all of the same functionality of EMCS, but without ANY hardware. This system allows programs to uploaded to the engine ECU via the factory OBDII port. EMCS DirectPort makes the following advanced features possible:

Flip Switch: Using the cruise control buttons, you are able to switch between up to four separate ECU programs of your choice. Examples of possible chip programs include stock, octane specific performance and race programs, valet, etc…

Unique Access Code: A unique access code is used for the security lockout feature and anti-theft system. The user may select any 1 to 4-digit number to be used as their access code. The access code is entered using the cruise control buttons.

Security Lockout Feature: Prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing EMCS functions and changing the current EMCS configuration. The Security Lockout feature is available as a stand-alone option or bundled with the Anti-Theft system.

Anti-Theft System: This theft deterrent system prevents the car from being operated by unauthorized personnel, even if given the key. The engine will crank and idle, but will not accept throttle input. A thief, even if successful in getting the car to start, will have no power with which to drive away. The Anti-Theft System can only be deactivated by entering your unique access code.

Fault-code Erase: Allows you to erase and reset engine related trouble codes without having to use a specialty tool.

Throttle-body Realignment: Allows you to manually perform throttle-body adaptation.

DirectPort is the latest variation of EMCS. DirectPort allows all of the EMCS functions and features to be programmed to the car through the factory diagnostic port without the need for any additional hardware. APR’s system utilizes the flash reprogramming capabilities built into the factory Motronic engine management. In order to program an ECU, an APR Authorized Distributor will connect your car with an OBDII cable to a computer with internet access. The distributor then begins the DirectPort Programming process and uploads new software to you engine ECU. True program switching, AntiTheft, etc. all operate via the cruise-control system in a similar fashion as to previous EMCS systems. No silly hardware dongles! Also, with EMCS, program switching overwrites the entire data segment of the engine management code (unlike inferior systems that interpolate between high and low tables.) This translates to mean the selected profile is fully optimized throughout the operating range.

Demonstration Software with Remote Activation

No hardware means software-only trials are now available. EMCS software can now be loaded onto your car and demonstrated for a set time period. If you decide to purchase the software, either before or after the end of the trail, the software can be “remotely” activated. By simply contacting an APR distributor and paying for the programs, you will then receive a secret code six digit code to permanently unlock the ECU through the cruise control switch. DirectPort Programming is now available for a limited number of ECU’s. To see if your car is ready to be DirectPort Programmed, contact your nearest APR distributor.