Volkswagen owners can now join in the fun of recording performance data thanks to an accessory and smartphone app that the automaker is calling the LogBox and RaceApp.

The Volkswagen LogBox connects via the OBD-II port and transmits data wirelessly through bluetooth to your smartphone and the VW Race App. It can measure several different parameters, including acceleration, g-forces, and different aspects of engine performance. If you’re on a circuit, it uses Google Maps to make a map of the track, and you can record live video in-app to match with the data.

So far, the LogBox and Race App are only available on high-performance “R” models, which pretty much means just the Golf R for now. VW says the system will become available on a “range of further Volkswagen cars” as well.

Volkswagen says the LogBox will be available for R models and “a range of further Volkswagen cars,” so you’ll want to hit up your dealer with questions before ordering. The LogBox is available through VW’s accessories store for 299 euros (about $365), but only in Germany. The Race App is also available only in German, through Google Play and the iTunes Store.