AMC remaps from Allard Motor Company are the state of the art in Turbo diesel performance. Using the same software that powered Allard to victory in the Diesel Cup Class of the VW Cup ‘05, along with achieving 3rd overall in the championship. And more recently winning the fourth round of 2006 Volkswagen Racing Cup, helps demonstrate the level of performance and reliability that can be achieved by Allard. Now the software and performance parts are available for your road car. With typical gains of up to 35% in both bhp and torque, Allard can transform your daily driver into a GTI killing diesel. You can choose between a standard remap, or further increase the level of performance by opting for advanced stages of Allard Conversions.

Allard offer a complete range of tuning products primarily for Volkswagen Golf MK3, MK4 and MK5 Turbo Diesel, Tdi and PD engine types, derived from the 2005 racing program, in conjunction with ATMR (name of the racing team) race car preparation, and Allards turbo diesel tuning expertise. Allard conversions comprise of larger intercooler systems, increased pipe and hose sizes, hybrid turbocharger (special build), special AMC remaps, Free flow stainless steel exhaust systems, High flow BMC air intake systems, free flow manifolds, Modified down pipes, Oil coolers, aluminium components and parts.

AMC remaps are priced at £425.00 +VAT. The programmes are designed to be installed as a basic first stage of tune or when installing other special tuning options, such as a free flow exhaust, uprated intercooler system, free flow air induction etc. Super-Tuning chip programmes are also available for the VW/Audi 2.5 and 2.8 TDI/PD engines. For further information please visit


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