Swiftec software is a powerful editing tool created by VCPower Team. This software allow the end user to get the maximum performance out of modern electronic controlled engines such as cars, truck, bikes, boats, any engine that are controlled via a ECU.

It’s the ideal tool for starters because of the support provided by the “maps” add on modules that recognize maps inside the ECU and it is also a tool for experienced and skilled tuners because of its “map creator”.

They have created also the “Special maps” that is a module like “maps” module that recognizes maps inside the ECU, but with a big difference, it provides much more maps like different limiters, src’s, linearization’s etc.. that each ECU have….this are proven to be very important because of thousands of limitations that manufacturers put inside software.

Swiftec makes now possible for anyone to have access to important information until now only available to big tuning houses or for the exchange of big money.

Swiftec is a tool created by tuners for tuners available at very competitive price.

Some of the new features of the latest version are:

  • Autosearch v1.2 release with Delphi and Temic support.
  • Checksums ‘Siemens Rover’ v1.1 released: now it supports files with 64kb size.
  • Now Help menu its available in any window so costumers can easy click and access our database
  • It is now possible to increase the X zoom percentage view , only have to double click and choose the number of bytes seen per page.
  • Drag&Drop technology, drag a file to SwifTec main window and now it will be recognized as original eprom Drag another file over the the one before and this file will be recognized as modified file.
  • SwifTec have now available a more detailed and user friendly search function for costumers, now you can search Dec/Hex/Text, choose were to look ( ori / mod file) start in the desired offset and many more features
  • Swiftec now supports up to 32MB files so it is possible to use files from Opel diagnostic tool and calculate there checksum
  • Its now possible to browse auto searched maps without have a map loaded.
  • Disabled parity file length checking.
  • The list of supported checksums include: Bosch Edc Plcc, Bosch EDC15 29F400, Bosch Alfa CR, Bosch BMW CR, Bosch PSA hdi, Bosch VW 115cv, Bosch BMW MS42, Bosch Smart E2, Bosch Fiat E3 jtd, Bosch Merc 1meg, Bosch Mer Gasoline, Volvo V70 F400/F800, Siemens F200/F400, Bosch VAG ME7 F400/F, Bosch EDC15 29F400 V, Bosch ME 3.2/7.3, Bosch Nissan TDDI, Siemens Merc MS42, Bosch Merc ME 2.8, Chrysler F400, Bosch Renault F400, Siemens HDI, Siemens Renault F200, Siemens MS43, Siemens Rover, Bosch ME7 Alfa/Hyund, Cherokee CDI, Ford TDCi, Bosch bms46, Bosch Smart E3, Bosch Peugeot ME7, Bosch Tdi v02, Bosch VAG ME7 v01, Bosch VAG ME7 v02, Bosch MS 6.1/6.2, Bosch MS 6.3, Delphi CR, Kia/Honda CR, Toyota/Opel CR, Bosch VAG V8 TDI, Siemens Ford TDCi, Temic Merc CDI, Opel DTI, Bosch Opel M 1.5.5, Bosch Opel ME 1.5.5, Bosch BMW TDS, Bosch Smart E4, Opel Simtec56, Siemens 2003 F400, Lucas FH12, Bosch EDC16, Bosch Volvo CR2, Bosch Smart CDI E3, Bosch BMW ME7, Bosch Porsche ME 7.8, Siemens Ford TDCi 04, Marrelli 5NF E4, Delphi Ford TDCi, Ford EECV, Siemens Truck F400, Marrelli Fiat MJ, Siemens BMW MSS50 F2, Bosch EDC16+, Siemens 5WS PEU/FORD, Siemens 5WS Rover SI, Siemens Bmw MS45, Mercedes Actros F200, Siemens 5WS Ren SID3, Bosch VAG MED9, Siemens Rover 2005, Delphi Euro4 c. rail, Siemens Sintec 70 – Sintec 90, Delphi Euro4 c. rail and Mercedes Axor Euro5.