*ECU artisan** *Revo Technik has announced the full release of its new Stage One high performance software for the Audi’s latest – and most sophisticated – 3.0 TFSI ‘Simos 8.5′ ECU – as fitted to all of the latest models. After nearly FOUR years of rigorous R&D on every derivative and evolution of the 3.0 lump, combined with endless testing, the Daventry-based firm has launched a high performance software solution for this hard-to-crack ECU that delivers impressive power with uncompromised reliability and pure driver satisfaction.

Having recognized the tuning potential of Audi’s 3.0 V6 S4 platform in 2010, the Revo team set out to explore the potential of the then new Simos 8 engine control module. In order to have truly unrestricted access to a test platform, they invested in the purchase of multiple test vehicles, which were to be heavily utilised during the development process to identify the potential long term effects of engine stress after tuning.

During the test period not one, but four vehicles (two S4’s, a new S5 Sportback and S5 Coupe) were purchased, before being punished through extensive dynamometer, on-road, and track testing – accumulating more than 30,000 incredibly aggressive miles that would exceed the expectations of even the most demanding of drivers.

In addition to testing with its own vehicles, Revo also enlisted a number of its top dealers and customers across several continents, including Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, to participate in further testing to develop calibrations that suit a variety of regional climates, fuel qualities, and driving conditions. Through the development of new tools and methods for research and testing, Revo’s team of engineers was able to readily examine every table of code contained within the ECU. This not only included the Data Area, but also looked at maximizing performance gains through strict criteria that examined boost pressures, air fuel ratios and timing parameters to develop calibrations that offer unmatched performance and OEM like drivability.


The self-imposed test programme developed by Revo reveals the company’s long-term view of software tuning. As well as logging numerous road and motorway miles, literally thousands of track laps were logged at the Bruntingthorpe Industry Proving Ground measuring 0-60, 0-100, and top speed runs. All track testing with speeds, distances and times, was documented and reviewed through the respected VBOX GPS data logging system before track testing was finally signed off after a 4 day, 3000 km cross-continental dash to the fabled Nurburgring where over 2,000 kms of track mileage was logged and analysed.

Revo’s unique Serial port Switch allows the ability to switch between pre-set maps to account for three different fuel qualities (95, 97 and 102) or driving style, making it possible to effectively have three cars in one. This is achieved with the simple insertion of the switch into the cars OBD diagnostic socket. Once connected, the driver can choose the appropriate map for the type of driving desired.

Headline power gains are impressive. An additional 78 bhp when using high octane fuel, combined with almost 54 Nm of extra torque. With all factory safety parameters very much still in place, the Revo conversions allows the car to achieve its true potential without sacrificing longevity or reliability.

The Revo Technik performance software upgrade for the Audi 3.0 TFSI costs £999 + VAT

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