Factory rated at 200 horse power, the new 2.0T FSI engine is a formidable power plant. Six months ago Revo Technik released software that is flashed via our proprietary flash programming system that significantly increases the power and performance of this already potent motor. Now six months later, Revo are proud to announce the imminent release* of his latest products, ‘select’ and ‘select plus’ these new ‘plug-in’ devices enable the user to change the ECU’s software settings in a matter of seconds.

As with the first generation of Revo Technik programming, changing between performance and stock modes, enabling supplemental security system, or opting for a more aggressive octane specific program, was accomplished using Revo’s optional SPS-1 or SPS-2 switches. Now available for the new FSI technology is the ‘select’, our entry level version without PC connectivity. The ‘select’ allows the user to switch between stock and two octane specific performance programs and includes the added benefit of the Anti theft feature which is designed to disable the ECU itself.

select plus
Another first from Revo Technik, the ultimate in tunability and control. The ‘select plus’ features variable boost, timing and fuel adjustment. The ‘select plus’ consists of a diagnostic port interface, USB cable and new PC based software. Boost, timing and fuel adjustments can be uploaded directly to the ECU using the software communication mode. The ‘select plus’ not only features the 2 default performance modes like the ‘select’ version, but also includes an additional 3 “user based” modes. These modes allow the user to custom configure their performance settings and upload them to the ‘select plus’. Changes to ECU settings can then be made using just the ‘select plus’. These saved settings can be changed and re-saved using the software as your mechanical upgrades or environmental conditions permit. Combined with the ability to revert to stock programming, and our unique anti-theft mode, the ‘select plus’ is unmatched in its ability to provide the highest levels of control and flexibility, and is ONLY available from Revo Technik.