RICA engineering has more than 20 years of experience with performance tuning of nearly every car. This ensures quality and functionality in every RICA product. As a result RICA is among the very best in the world when it comes to engine tuning, and their RICA ECU upgrade is no exception.

RicaTune is the new Volvo OBD2 flashing tool. Rica engineering is looking for chiptuning dealers worldwide for this new tool.

With RicaTune you can very easily and quickly download RICA Engineering Performance Software for your customers cars. RicaTune will automatically load the performance software from the internet into the cars ECU via the OBD2 port.

RicaTune gives you the ability to offer your customers an improved service while minimizing the time spent in the workshop, freeing up your resources for any other workshop jobs.

With RicaTune, you are prepared for the future! RICA Engineering has Performance Software available for every Volvo engine, including turbo petrol, turbo-diesel, and normally aspirated models. New RICA software is also available for the new 3.2L, T6, V8 engine and the new XC60.

The tool is an OBD2 tool only for Volvo, with 3 steps you can program all the new Volvo’s, but only with Rica software files. There are files for all the new volvo’s. Also the new V70,S80, XC70 etc , and also the T6, 3.2 and V8 (Denso). The price is 2350euro for the tool, and with that tool you get the first 5 modified files for free.

The tool works with all new volvo’s from 2005. In a few weeks there will be an update available for the 1999-2005 models.There we also be a handheld version to let your customers tune their cars themself.

Programmable cars:
C30: 2.4, T5, 1.6D, 2.0D, D5
C70: 2.4, T5, 2.0D, D5
S40: 2.4, T5, 1.6D, 2.0D, D5
S60: 2.4, 2.0T, 2.5T, 2.4D, D5
S80: 2.4, 2.5T, 3.2, T5, T6, V8, 2.0D, 2.4D, D5
V50: 2.4, T5, 1.6D, 2.0D, D5
V70: 2.4, 2.5T, 3.2, T5, T6, 2.0D, 2.4D, D5
XC70: 2.5T, 3.2, D5
XC90: 2.5T, 3.2, T6, V8, 2.4D, D5

for more information please contact:
RICA Engineering
klopperman 35-37
2292 JE
The Netherlands


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