RICA-iSoftloader-2 The new RICA iSoftloader II is a brand new handheld programming device which allows you to program your car with RICA software by yourself.

The RICA iSoftloader II does not require a laptop whilst programming the car which means you don’t need to carry a laptop around if you want to change the software tuning in the ECM. The RICA iSoftloader II can store both the original and modified software inside which can be downloaded to the iSoftloader II device from any computer connected to the internet using a standard USB cable.

You can use the iSoftloader II also for your future cars, if you buy a new car you can use the iSoftloader II for it after you reverted your old car back to stock.

From Alfa to Volkswagen, the iSoftloader II can handle it all!

  • Easy to use hand-held programmer allows you to tune your car by yourself via the OBD2 diagnostics port, with a simple press of a button!
  • 100% dealer service compliant! Retain any future dealer software updates after routine servicing or recall work.
  • Stores both performance RICA software and standard software inside. Quickly and easily revert the car back to standard prior to taking it for a service at your dealer! You don`t have to worry about warranty!
  • Programming the car takes just a few minutes! No laptop is required while the car is being programmed.
  • Available for most brands of car, from Alfa to Volkswagen!