Some people might question the need to go any further than stage1 on this 2.0TSI engine with the huge improvements in power, torque and drivability we can see why for some people stage1 is more than enough. We are always interested in seeing just how far you can take new engines though; And with the widely anticipated release of the Stage 1 software, it was only a matter of time before the next installment was released.

Welcome Stage 2 Performance software

Stage2 software is the next level and allows you to use a full turbo back performance exhaust along with other hardware modifications without having any detrimental effects. Our calibration and development team have invested a huge amount of time into assessing the factory restrictions and limitations from this engine. Our tuning philosophy is in place to ensure all our software achieves maximum performance gains whilst improving driveability and midrange punch. Performance isn’t always achieved by aiming for the biggest peak figures, and certainly not by pushing things too far.

Combining the additional airflow gained from our uprated intake system with a derestricted turbo back exhaust system and more efficient cooling from an uprated front mounted intercooler allowed our calibration team to maximise the increased efficiency from these components and tie them together to give fantastic real world gains. Stage 2 is a big step up from Stage 1; with 23bhp increase (ATW) at peak power and at points through the rev-range seeing +45bhp and +64Nm (ATW). The power and torque curves show the gains throughout the rev-range:


And that’s not everything. Stage 2 is an OBD port flashable performance software that supports certain uprated components:

Required hardware upgrades:
Turbo Back Exhaust
Cold Air Intake System
Uprated FMIC (Revo Intercooler Coming Soon)

Recommended upgrades:
Revo brake kit
Bilstein suspension
Uprated clutch on manual vehicles

Stage2 Fast Facts

  • Power and torque increases over stock and stage1 throughout the rev-range
  • Speedlimiter removed
  • Left foot braking enabled
  • Performance mode switching; 1. 97 ron 2. 98/99ron 3. Anti-Theft
  • Find pricing for your region with addition information on our website: