Chiptuning RS3 (1)

For the first time, DTE Systems optimises the new Audi RS3 (8VA) based on the new SENT sensor technology. In the past, cars with SENT sensors could not be tuned with engine optimisation systems. Today, DTE Systems is writing history, paving the way for SENT tuning with its new PowerControl SNT system. You can rely on perfect optimization for the specific engine, in highest OEM quality and with proven extra performance, certified with TÜV part approval.

With the full potential of the Audi RS3, DTE improves the efficiency of the engine significantly and makes for a unique driving experience. At the end of the dyno development the result surpassed our expectations: 410 hp and 557 Nm.

Chiptuning Audi RS

This is a power increase of +43 hp and +92 Nm over the RS3’s stock performance (367 hp/465 Nm). And that with 1.1 seconds faster acceleration from 62 to 99 mph. “With these results we have achieved an important development milestone”, concludes Michael Krecek, Managing Director of DTE Systems GmbH. As usual, this engine optimisation has been independently tested for extra performance, certified by a TÜV part approval. Whereas the stock RS3 prior to DTE tuning had let the Mercedes A45 AMG with 381 hp and 475 Nm pass by, the optimised RS3 by DTE with the new PowerControl SNT will outpace its competitor.

A perfect fit in the engine bay, DTE’s PowerControl SNT is connected to the central sensors of the engine management system: Turbo pressure and intake manifold sensors and the camshaft sensor. In real-time, incoming signals are processed, optimised and transmitted to the car’s ECU. What is a clear highlight of PowerControl SNT: DTE’s system gathers and optimises digital SENT signals and in parallel key analogue signals of the engine management system. The tuning is perfectly adjusted to the vehicle’s engine with DTE’s proven Multi Map Technology, load-balanced tuning via RPM using our Adaptive Sensor System and motor and ECU safety functions remain with Engine Protect+. This newly developed Multi-Protocol Technology in PowerControl SNT unifies analogue and digital engine control technologies and is a clear milestone in chiptuning and a world’s first.

Chiptuning RS3 (2)

DTE’s new PowerControl SNT is also available as of today for all further new generation vehicles with digital SENT technology:
› RS3 and RSQ3 2.5 TFSI
› RS6 and RS7 4.0 TFSI
› S4 and S5 3.0 TFSI
› A4, A6, A7 and Q7 3.0 TDI 272 hp and 218 hp
› A6, A7 and Q7 3.0 TFSI
› Macan Turbo 3.6 V6
› Macan S 3.0 V6
› Cayenne S and GTS 3.6
› Panamera S 3.0

As part of the launch of PowerControl SNT, DTE will brand the whole product family of engine optimisations under the name PowerControl.

PowerControl stands for:
› Perfectly tuned engine optimisations for more than 8,000 vehicle types
› Proven performance gains measured independently, including TÜV part approvals for more than1,800 vehicles
› Highest reliability and safety with innovative DTE technologies
› Simple installation with exhaustive installation instructions
› Quality Made in Germany and direct support from the developer and manufacturer

DTE’s product family consists of powerful engine optimisation systems for diverse applications: PowerControl CRD and FSR for all common diesel and turbo petrol passenger cars, PowerControl PDX and PDI for our injector tuning systems for trucks and tractors.

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