PowerAXEL is the leading provider of engine computer tuning services and systems engineering in the Hyundai automotive aftermarket. They provide the definitive Hyundai Genesis Coupe (BK) and Hyundai Tiburon (GK) tuning solution, and they continue to expand into other models as our platform grows.

In addition to offering in-house services and tuning, PowerAXEL offers you the ability to grow your own aftermarket tuning platform to include new and incredily popular Hyundai models such as the popular Genesis Coupe (BK) with the addition of the PowerAXEL VEO-COM software and hardware package to your well-equipped tuning shop.

PowerAXEL’s two main products consist of the PowerX module (reflash programmer) and the VEO COM Kit.

Our PowerX is a hand-held ECU flashing device that can store 3 distinct data programs for the end user to flash with the module alone to the OEM ECU via the OBD-II port without the requirement of any other hardware. It eliminates the need for the end user to send in their ECU to the tuner – it is reflashed by the user, generating maximum power gains tailored to the vehicle’s unique modifications, with all of the drivability and sophistication inherent in the stock ECU.

The 3 programmable slots can be custom fitted by our dealers ONLY with their own tuned maps.

NOTE: Once the PowerX is used to reflash any one ECU, it is automatically registered to that specific vehicle and won’t work on any other ECUs.

Function: Upload data to ECU & reset DTC via OBD port
Operating Condition: Key On (engine off)

As you can see from the picture, there are 3 different program buttons.
We provide our customers the following:
Slot 1) Stock ECU data (ease of switching back to stock in < 15 seconds) Slot 2) Rev & Speed limiter increase only (7200 rpm, 155 mph) Slot 3) Our stage 1 base tune w/approx. 35 whp, 70 lb-ft @ 20 psi boost PowerX demo on YouTube: [youtube][/youtube] VEO COM: (Vehicle Engine Observer_Computer)
VEO COM is a real-time measurement and calibration tool used to modify the ECU data on the 2.0T via OBD.

Modify the engine management maps by laptop PC while the engine is running, which enables the tuner to see immediate changes in the way the engine performs in response to the map changes.

Once a custom tuned map has been modified and/or created to your satisfaction, save this data file, and upload it onto the PowerX module.
This kit will only support data calibration and the actual ECU reflash will be done by the PowerX.

In general, any and every map provided in the stock ECU will be supported by the VEO COM to be modified.

With this VEO COM Kit, the three basic functions of measuring, calibrating and flash programming are included as a crucial ECU application process.


VEO COM’s feature
1) Identical connector as the stock ECU
-no extra wiring work required

2) Built-in stock default map data
-engine start once installed

3) Real-time data tuning while engine running
-an application (AP) ECU is required to replace the stock ECU for tuning process
-individual cylinder-knock display
-exhaust gas temperature display

4) Modifications to various ECU parameters
-rpm limit
-speed limit
-boost limit
-fuel map
-ignition map
-idle speed map
-cam timing map (vvt control)

PRICE (Available upon request)

FYI, the VEO COM kit includes:
1x VCT module (official name for the VEO COM)
1x 2.0T AP ECU
1x PowerX module
OBD cable
USB cable
VEC COM software


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