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Fast and easy installation, maximum performance and reliability are the principles underpinning the new Carlsson C-Tronic CB performance kit. Capable of extracting up to 28 percent more power from the four-cylinder CGI engines, these “Plug & Drive” units can be installed in under five minutes.

Each Carlsson CB kit comes as an adaptor plug with integrated control unit, enabling the unit to be mounted between the factory ECU and its input wiring harness. Communicating continuously with the vehicle’s electronic system, the CB unit optimizes performance by assessing the current driving situation, then adjusting parameters and variables to match its pre-determined performance maps.

To maintain full engine protection, the Carlsson mapping will not allow the enhanced performance to be used until the engine oil temperature reaches 50 degrees Celsius.

At the other end of the scale, should the oil temperature or other high load parameters reach pre-ordained limits, the CB unit automatically reverts to the standard ECU’s protection settings. Thus, while the Carlsson CB kits guarantee maximum power output under ideal conditions, they also ensure that the factory mechanical safety limits are never exceeded.

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Carlsson offers the C-tronic CB kits as CB and CBS variants for the Mercedes-Benz four-cylinder turbocharged M271EVO, M274 and M270 engine family with full German TÜV approval, and the three-year Carlsson component warranty. In addition, Carlsson takes over the manufacturer’s warranty on the engine, gearbox and drivetrain for up to two years or 100.000Km, from date of first registration.

To keep the intake charge temperatures low for optimum performance, the Carlsson CBS Kit comes with a larger, more efficient intercooler unit.

Owners can also rest assured that in addition to being covered by German TÜV approval, vehicles upgraded with the Carlsson CB kits also continue to meet Euro 5 emissions standards.

You can learn more about the extensive Carlsson tuning programme for Mercedes-Benz and smart vehicles from our website:


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