OLS Projections is a company that supply access and sells membership to a private online database of WinOLS OLS Projects or mappacks. Depending on the type of membership it allows you to access the database where you access OLS files for winols (mappacks) and A2L/Damos files.

The membership is a one off fee and the database is updated monthly. After 12 months, there is a small subscription charge to stay on service.

The database includes files for normal cars and supercars. OLS Projections also offer custom mappacks for bikes/boats/jetskis however these will be separate orders and not on server base.

Please note that OLS Projections are a long term loyal customer of EVC and have a genuine licence of EVC Winols. They do not support cracked versions of Winols and will not supply any type of projects for these customers.

OLS Projections will also add EVC Winols training soon which will be offline and online using a secured server and webinar system.

There are different types of membership: Basic membership is Gold that allows you download multiple mappacks and A2L files from their server. Diamond Membership is same as Gold but they added in supercars mappacks. VIP Platinum membership same as Gold and Diamond but for 12 months you can have custom projects / mappacks made by OLS Projections using your original file and its unlimited. They also offer a service where we can make you a tuning mappack based on your needs. They do not sell tuned files.

For more information and prices please visit http://www.olsprojections.com
Or contact olsprojections@outlook.com