Direct Port allows the Oettinger dealers and importers worldwide immediate access to the latest Oettinger performance enhancement data files and makes them available for the customer as soon as they are released. Using the Direct-Port-Cable, a laptop and an internet connection the tuning is carried out without having to open or remove the motor management ECU. Using this equipment the dealer has access to the complete Oettinger Database and all the motor mappings filed there.

Most importantly for the customer, DPT speeds up the tuning process. The new software is installed in less than 30 minutes. With an installation at Oettinger this means a saving of over 3 hours, for the dealers and importers, who previously had to remove the ECU and send it to Oettinger, it means a time saving of at least 3 days!

The pricing and options:
The basic price of the “normal” tuning has now been reduced to a fair price of EUR 1100.00. Optionally the customer can choose for a further EUR 179.00 for the first and another EUR 99.00 for the following, up to 2 further features to be added to the programme, provided that cruise control is fitted. Retrofitting of cruise control is available for EUR 250.00, including parts.

Option 1: Switching in and out of additional power
In times in which even the most ardent horse power junkies are also looking for efficiency a contemporary feature: Via the cruise control switch the customer can choose whether additional power is available or not (see pictures in the download area).

Use: After turning on the ignition the cruise control is also switched on. The driver then holds the “set” button until the check engine lamp begins to blink. Depending on how many different programmes are available, the frequency and speed of the blinking shows which programme is selected. Slow blinking for less power, fast blinks for more power. Once the desired programme has been selected, the driver releases the “set” button, turns the ignition off and then on again and the desired programme is activated.

Option 2: Selection of grade of fuel
More engine power but not at any (fuel) price? Once again a filling station that only stocks expensive 100 (RON) octane plus petrol and the necessary 98 (RON) octane is no longer available? Oettinger now offers the possibility to fight the games of the oil companies: Switch on the cruise control switch the ECU to the 95 (RON) octane programme and tank 95 (RON) fuel without a second thought. With additional power switched on the meticulously engineered Oettinger mapping e.g. for the Golf GTi, still provides an extra 25 horsepower and 40 additional Nm (291/2 lb/ft)! For comparison with 97-100 octane fuel an additional 40 horsepower and 60 Nm (44 lb/ft) are available from the free revving 4 cylinder from Wolfsburg.

Option 3: Junior mode
Your children want to borrow the car for the evening and you can already see them speeding along the country roads at high speed? No problem, in this case Oettinger offers the alternative of a safety mode: limit the top speed or drastically reduce the engine power to say 100 hp, maximum speed 130 km/h (80 mph)!

Total anti-theft:
A further feature, that the original equipment alarms are not the ultimate deterrent is a well known fact. For EUR 235.00 Oettinger offers the capability of completely immobilising the motor electronic once again via the cruise control. This offers near enough a 100% theft deterrent, without the respective code it is not even possible to short the windscreen wipers!

With the new Oettinger DPT technology every completed data file is made available to the Oettinger dealers around the globe in real time.


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