After the tuning for motors driven by turbo-loaded petrol/gasoline (1.8T, 2.0T-FSI, 2.7T), OETTINGER as the specialist for tuning Audi- and Volkswagen-specialist, from today offers its Turbo-Diesel chip tuning by means of DPT technology (direct-port-technology) also for all motors driven by turbo-loaded petrol/gasoline – even for vehicles with particle filters! The tuning in these cases is carried out directly through the OBD interface of the vehicle without having to remove the control unit. Thus the customers of Audi- and Volkswagen franchised dealers or also of the services in our own premises will be able to leave the workshop on the very same day – being also provided with a two-year warranty!

• The Direct-Port Facts at a Glance:
• Direct-Port is available online per Internet during 24 hours daily and 7 days a week.
• The reversal to the serial version is performed by OETTINGER at any time and free of charge.
• OETTINGER is the pioneer of this technology and disposes of comprehensive experience
• Direct-Port-Tuning may be combined with OETTINGER’s MAPSWITCHING, our own development
(up to four individual mappings in the control device – e.g. serial performance, tuning performance, theft protection and/or a Vmax-throttled mode for our boisterous youngsters)
• In-house development of the mappings: Extremely short reaction time to new control devices from the factories – within hours, no more than two or three days maximum
• At OETTINGER’s directly: Test-tour free of charge – if desired, in your own car with improved performance downloaded for a limited stretch of time

Strictly within the tradition of the innovative motor technology from Friedrichsdorf, the DIRECT PORT TECHNOLOGY and MAPSWITCHING by OETTINGER will once again provide a clear advantage and a competitive edge to our Audi-, Volkswagen-, Seat-, and Skoda pilots worldwide.

PS: OETTINGER is celebrating its 60th birthday this year! In our history you will find milestones of automobile development, such as the first tuned Volkswagen (Beetle), the world’s first 16- and 20-valve motors, the first 6-cylinder water-cooled boxer motor, the first Audi A4 (B5)!!! with 4.2 V8, and many more – actually 60 years of real pioneer work.

All parts available for the most common Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda models can be found on our web site at www.oettinger.de. To contact our official distributor in Brasil, please write to: rramosadv@aol.com