Here’s another iPhone application that demonstrates that soon there is nothing you won’t be able to know if you have just one device. DevToaster has created an app called Rev that reads information straight from the OBD-II port on your car and displays it on your iPhone. When it’s fully operational, Rev can display things like vehicle speed, RPM, fuel consumption, calculated engine load, and a host of other parameters. You’ll even be able to check and reset engine and error codes.

The only hitch is that you need an OBD-II/WLAN interface that can beam the information from the port to the phone. DevToaster is working on that now; in the meantime, you can download Rev Lite at their site.

Rev Features
Built-in Metrics (No special hardware required)

* Lateral and Forward Acceleration: Graph your cornering, braking and acceleration G-forces. (Available in Rev Lite)
* GPS Track: Visual track displays your location and acceleration data – see how you are braking and accelerating around corners. (Available in Rev Lite)

OBD Metrics (Requires OBD-II/WLAN interface hardware)

* Vehicle Speed
* Fuel Consumption
* Engine Coolant Temp
* Fuel Pressure
* Calculated Engine Load
* Throttle Position
* Intake Manifold Pressure
* Air Intake Temp
* Timing Advance
* Mass Air Flow
* Fuel Level
* Barometric Pressure
* EVAP System Vapor Pressure
* Fuel Trim

Visual Representations

* Gauge: Displays a moving needle and LED display to show current reading
* Graph: Displays current value over time

Engine Code Retrieve and Reset

Want to know why your Check Engine light is on? Rev will tell you why!

* Engine code checking
* Listing of all engine codes thrown by the vehicle
* One-button reset of your codes and Check Engine light

Auto-centric User Experience
Rev has been designed to be easy to use in car-mounted iPhone/iPod Touch installations.
While we OFFICIALLY DO NOT RECOMMEND USING Rev OR OTHER IPHONE/IPOD TOUCH APPLICATIONS WHILE DRIVING, we do think it would be a mind-bendingly awesome experience were anyone to actually try it.

* Quick taps for bumpy rides – double tap gauge to zoom in/out, swipe to graph view
* Car-mount-friendly orientations – landscape or portrait
* Dark background color scheme – easy on the eyes, day and night

Wireless Freedom
Simply connect to the OBD-II/WLAN device by approaching your car. While connected, your iPhone can still access the Internet via EDGE or 3G.


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