• Bentley Continental GT from MTM

    Bentley Continental GT from MTM

    The Bentley Continental GT is a perfect car, you would think at least. And everyone would agree with this. Nevertheless, Motorentechnik Mayer has a number of tuning measures up its sleeve which accentuate its strengths without distorting its character. MTM supplies various performance kits. The spectrum ranges from optimized programming of the control electronics through to the complete conversion of the engine unit. All the versions have been developed by MTM on its proprietary dynamometers […]

  • Atek cable assemblies

    Atek cable assemblies

    Atek is a leading supplier to the scan tool industry of high quality molded automotive diagnostic cable assemblies. Their cable assemblies are designed and manufactured to stand up to the harsh conditions of the automotive service environment and are custom built-to-order based upon the your specific configuration requirements (length, number of conductors, what’s at the other end of the cable, etc.). Atek manufactures a wide variety of molded cable assemblies & adapters, from the most […]

  • Turbo diesel performance from Allard

    Turbo diesel performance from Allard

    AMC remaps from Allard Motor Company are the state of the art in Turbo diesel performance. Using the same software that powered Allard to victory in the Diesel Cup Class of the VW Cup ‘05, along with achieving 3rd overall in the championship. And more recently winning the fourth round of 2006 Volkswagen Racing Cup, helps demonstrate the level of performance and reliability that can be achieved by Allard. Now the software and performance parts […]

  • BSR SEAT Leon 2.0T FSI

    BSR SEAT Leon 2.0T FSI

    BSR in Sweden is a high-tech company and is the market leader in optimisation of car engines, both in terms of performance and environmental control. BSR offers professional tuning services for a large number of European cars, using, among other tuning technologies, the PPC® Tuning system, developed by BSR. The PPC® is supplied with a highly developed and sophisticated tuning program from BSR. The PPC® Tuning System is easily installed and will after a few […]

  • APR DirectPort Programming

    APR DirectPort Programming

    Many of you are already familiar with APR’s revolutionary patent pending Enhanced Modular Chipping System. EMCS allows a user to have multiple programs and options on their vehicles computer, ready to be changed through the buttons of the factory cruise control switch. APR is now making DirectPort Programming available to the public. DirectPort programming allows all of the same functionality of EMCS, but without ANY hardware. This system allows programs to uploaded to the engine […]

  • More power for the new Audi Q7

    More power for the new Audi Q7

    For over 38 years the name nothelle has been synonymous with a passion for engineering excellence. The Q7 is the latest addition to the Audi family. nothelle from Ratingen, Germany, has already for the launch laid its hands on this model and has enhanced it both visually and in terms of its power and dynamism. The Q7 initially starts out with two engines, namely a large three litre turbo diesel, the 3.0 V6 TDI with […]

  • DNA SRS (Serial Remap Switch)

    DNA Tuning have just launched their “SRS” pocket sized OBD serial port programmer for Porsche, VAG, BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover applications. The SRS system is a revolutionary new tuning solution that puts performance re-mapping into the hands of the owner. On first being plugged into the car’s diagnostic socket, a single press of a button takes an exact copy of the standard ECU content, and stores it within the SRS unit. Another press and […]

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