• Alien Tech at the Sema Show

    Alien Tech at the Sema Show

    The SEMA SHOW is concluded, and has closed with the usual exposed cars parade. From 3rd to 6th of November all companies, working on special equipment sector, were there! Alientech was present too this year, with its tools and services and we have noticed a very good multitude of visitors in our stand. Between our products the stars of this expo have been the new ECM TITANIUM, software to map that makes tuners curious in […]

  • OBD-II with iPhone

    OBD-II with iPhone

    Here’s another iPhone application that demonstrates that soon there is nothing you won’t be able to know if you have just one device. DevToaster has created an app called Rev that reads information straight from the OBD-II port on your car and displays it on your iPhone. When it’s fully operational, Rev can display things like vehicle speed, RPM, fuel consumption, calculated engine load, and a host of other parameters. You’ll even be able to […]

  • RicaTune for Volvo

    RicaTune for Volvo

    RICA engineering has more than 20 years of experience with performance tuning of nearly every car. This ensures quality and functionality in every RICA product. As a result RICA is among the very best in the world when it comes to engine tuning, and their RICA ECU upgrade is no exception. RicaTune is the new Volvo OBD2 flashing tool. Rica engineering is looking for chiptuning dealers worldwide for this new tool. With RicaTune you can […]

  • The hottest new mtm Audi S3 with up to 330 HP!

    The hottest new mtm Audi S3 with up to 330 HP!

    Motoren Technik Mayer GmbH from Wettstetten, Germany, laid their hands on the new referee within the sport compact car arena. The Audi S3 creates great competition within its own corporation to Golf GTI and R32 as well the bavarian colleagues BMW with the mighty 130i. Through the mtm-provided components for motor, breaks, exhaust system and suspension, they have distanced themselves even more from their competitors raising the S3 to an uncompromising racer! Better performance and […]

  • DNA SRS now available for Porsche 997

    DNA SRS now available for Porsche 997

    For those not in the know, SRS is the revolutionary new tuning solution that puts performance re-mapping into the hands of the owner. Using the SRS on Porsches is fast and easy. On first being plugged into the car’s diagnostic socket, one press of a button takes an exact copy of the standard E.C.U content, and stores it within the SRS module. With this information, we can provide either an immobiliser map, a valet mode […]

  • New Bosch EDC17 engine management system

    New Bosch EDC17 engine management system

    In 2006 Bosch will introduce a new generation of diesel engine control units with the EDC17. The Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) controls every parameter that is important for effective, low-emission combustion. EDC17: Ready for future demands Because the computing power and functional scope of the new EDC17 can be adapted to match particular requirements, it can be used very flexibly in any vehicle segment on all the world’s markets. In addition to controlling the precise […]

  • 2.0 TFSI Chiptuning, now with IS technology

    2.0 TFSI Chiptuning, now with IS technology

    Anybody wanting to increase the vehicle’s power but keep the operating costs as low as possible can take advantage of Abt Sportsline’s special technology for the 2.0 Turbo FSI engine. No matter whether VW Golf GTI, VW Jetta, SEAT Leon, Audi A4, A3 or Skoda Octavia RS – Abt equips the standard Turbo FSI engines with the appropriate power. Also Wolfsburg┬┤s new beauty, the EOS, will be available with the IS-technology by Abt. The powerful […]

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