FlashBooster is a hand held system controlled by the consumer that will allow the consumer to upload performance automotive software to the ECU of the consumer’s car. FlashBooster produces results from 8% to 30% increase in horsepower and torque figures. We feel that FlashBooster is a revolutionary product since the consumer no longer has to go to a “tuning shop” or “speed shop” to have the work done. Now the work can be performed at the consumer’s location.

There is several safety measures built into the FlashBooster that provide a measure of safety for the consumer. So no need to worry about bricked ECU’s. There is also no need to worry about removing the ECU as the FlashBooster connects to the car via the cars OBD-II Port for ease of use. Pricing is very competitive and ranges from $499 (€399) and up for most major European cars. At this time we have the FlashBooster ready for most VW/Audi models with the exception of the R8, as well as for most Mercedes petrol and AMG petrol models. We will have additional models ready in the coming weeks and months. You can subscribe to www.obdperformance.com / www.optican.net for the latest updates and notifications on additional models.

Dealer inquires for USA are welcomed; please contact OBD Performance at +1 702 577 2634 or info@obdperformance.com


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