OE Tuning released a new type OBD2 flashing system for Android devices. The way is works is really easy. Once you purchase the DPF, “DroidPersonalFlasher”, connect the USB end of your charge cable to the device and connect to your vehicle’s OBD2 port. Maps are then uploaded and downloaded via the Cloud.

DroidPersonalFlasher is a VIN based OBD2 flasher able to read/write ECU internal firmware. Once the interface reads the car, the read file will be instantly available on tuner web-based backend. A maximum of 4 modified files can be stored on the cloud and the user can flash the original read file from the car or any modified tune as many times as needed.

A list of supported platforms along with additional details below. The device retails for $260 and you must buy it from the tuner. To purchase from OE Tuning, go here: OE Tuning


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