litchfield-rs6-4 Respected British tuner Litchfield has released details of its ‘real world’ tuning package for Audi’s blistering RS6. Offering a sensible 100 bhp over the car’s standard output, this simple and cost-effective conversion transforms the rapid load-lugger into a truly rapid mile-muncher – with some 650 bhp.

Litchfield’s extensively-tested Stage 1 upgrade improves the already excellent standard RS6 by remapping and calibrating the engine management system. This recalibration will releases extra horsepower and torque, transforming the way the RS6 performs without pushing the limits of the standard components.


As a sophisticated mapping package, Litchfield’s new RS6 software offers improved boost and ignition control, full variable valve timing and custom fuel mapping. The result is an RS6 that uses less fuel – particularly on a partial throttle, as the engine has to be worked less to make the same progress as before. This useful increase in performance is also evident across the rev range, making the car more tractable and enjoyable across all driving conditions.

The Stage 1 package costs £600 including VAT, which includes custom mapping on Litchfield’s state of the art dyno and a power print out. Naturally, the map can be reverted to standard at any time, for those looking to sell the car in its factory trim in future.

Of course, the Stage 1 is merely a ‘gateway drug’ to Litchfield’s even more impressive RS6 tuning packages, which extend to the range-topping Stage 3, with its tarmac-wrenching 750bhp output. For more details on this full tuning programme, please click to