Respected supercar tuner Litchfield has announced the development of its latest range of version 6 engine and gearbox map upgrades for the Nissan R35 GT-R. Having worked closely with long standing technical partner EcuTek, Litchfield has created a range of innovative revisions to include new hardware which will transform how owners interact with their GT-Rs. This latest software calibration significantly moves the game on in terms of performance and functionality.

Having worked together for many years, Litchfield has long been a Beta tester of EcuTek’s latest technology. Throughout the development process of the new ‘ECU Connect’ package the two firms shared R&D data in order to create an exceptionally complete package that offers a consumer interface not normally available with this kind of tuning.

The ECU Connect hardware is simply a Bluetooth dongle that seamlessly connects to Apple iPhone and iPad devices (Android to follow) when plugged into the standard OBD port. Once installed the OBD plug can be clicked into place in the factory port with the dongle still attached, leaving a neat and permanent connection to the ECU.

ECU Connect provides all the current ProEcu GTR features such as clutch learning, service tool, code reading and new extended data logging, but also offers drivers and tuners access to much more data. Drivers can use the app to perform convenient data logging with just a tap of the screen and easily email the results to any interested parties. Data logging is also extended to log both the engine ECU and gearbox TCM at the same time. Perfect for fine tuning and faster fault finding.


The most impressive feature of ECU Connect – and the core basis for Litchfield’s new Version 6 maps – is the ability to adjust each Customs Maps live within the app. Owners are now able to tailor their setup instantly to suit road/track conditions on the fly, using simple on/off toggles and on-screen sliding adjusters to change special map features.

Litchfield will be offering these live adjustments to control any aspect of its mapping. Whether that’s a new and improved traction control, the introduction of boost levels off the line, or even how loud you would like the volume of your over-run pops & bangs! The company is also working on some really clever new features to help those customers that like to test their GTR on track or drag strip, too!

Along with the hardware integration, Litchfield has also taken the opportunity to apply its latest updates and Ring-tested results to its Version 6 maps. These see an overall improvement in performance, throttle response and fuel consumption across the board, making the upgrade hugely worthwhile – and more than just a series of new features.


Testing has been completed on Litchfield’s own GTR test cars (MY10, MY11 and MY17) on both road, dyno and circuit to ensure everything is thoroughly proven and optimised. Naturally, as new upgrades and features are available, these will be added into the package as well as being made available retrospectively to existing customers.


A more detailed list of key features will be released on the Litchfield website in the coming weeks as full testing is completed. The ECU Connect hardware is due to launch at the end of November in limited numbers with more units due later in the year. Pricing will be in line with all of Litchfield’s other mapping options.

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