Alientech is an Italian company that since 1991 is carrying out improvement in the field of engine tunings, both for utility and racing cars. Alientech now presents a new version of KESS, the OBDII serial programmer for the professional tuner who wants modify ECU maps for the use of vehicles on road or in a racing track.

KESSv2 is the technological evolution of Alientech system, dedicated to the communication via OBD with the Engine Control Unit (ECU).


KESSv2 supports the following communication lines:

  • K-LINE
  • CAN bus
  • J1850 Protocol (Ford)
  • The connection between KESSv2 and the vehicle takes place using special wirings, provided according to the operation needed.


    The features that ensure safety during the reading/programming operations can be summarized as:

  • Check of the battery voltage in real-time
  • Full Recovery function in case of problems
  • Automatic correction of the Checksum, where available
  • Speed

    The management of the time of communication with the vehicle is optimized thanks to:

    Several options of reading/writing speed
    Option to write full file/section of the map
    Full integration with ECM Titanium

    The management software, easy and professional, is available in several languages. The update is completely automatic, limiting user intervention at the mere working operations on the ECU.

    KESSv2 Software offers also many EXTRAS to improve its performances:

    Boot-Loader mode supported
    Management of the programming counters
    ScanTool functions to remove DTC

    KESSv2, the software and its several communication protocols are available both in Master and Slave version.

    More information on Alientech website.


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