Hondata has developed a Group N Ecu for the European Civic Type R. With a 3800 Rpm vtec point and 8600 Rpm rev limiter this ECU delivers a great mix of top end power and mid range torque without compromising fuel efficiency and emissions.


The Group N ECU lowers the VTEC point from 5400 to 3800 rpm, advances the cam angle and raises the rev limit to 8600 rpm.They have implemented a VTEC window from 3800rpm to 5400 rpm.

The Group N ECU will work well with on a stock vehicle or on a vehicle with a variety of aftermarket performance parts.

The VTEC switch point on this reflash is very smooth – much smoother than the stock switch point. With a stock air box and race header the switch point is virtually undetectable. For the reduction in VTEC “kick” and aural stimulation, they apologize, but they say this is the path to maximum power.
Power is gained in the midrange from 4700rpm to 6300 rpm. Power gains above 6500 rpm are small, although the higher rev limit will raise average power a little. This ECU will work with a completely stock Civic Type R or one with a combination of performance parts.

How do I purchase the Group N ECU?
Contact the Hondata dealer closest to you. Hondata does not sell direct.

Alientech is the official distributor Hondata for Europe, excluding UK.


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