economytuning has now launched with the aim of becoming the UK’s top supplier of economy tuning and remapping solutions. For some years remapping or chipping has been the preserve of the modder and performance vehicle market, now there is a distinct brand that targets fleets and individuals who want to achieve substantial economy increases. are entering the market with huge experience and a top quality TUV approved product.

The products work by reorganising the software so that in normal driving fuel consumption is minimised by reducing the number of gear changes and the number of instances of wide open throttle. The fuel usage reductions are typically in the range of 15-16% up to 20%. These reductions produce some incredible statistics these include:

Figures are based on average of 20,000 miles per annum, fuel prices of £1.32 per litre (ave 10 June 2008 source and based on two years vehicle ownership.

A vehicle doing 20MPG before upgrade will save £1640 after.
A vehicle doing 30MPG before upgrade will save £1092 after.
Add to the above 7-15 fewer fill ups each year and therefore for fleet owners less vehicle downtime and less expense accounting.

Multiply these savings to numbers of vehicles and the amount of money saved increases dramatically, an example would be a small fleet operator running 10 typical large vans, covering 40K miles per annum per vehicle would save in excess of £31000 each year!

Marketing Manager Lara Moon said ‘Diesel fuel prices are now around £1.30 per litre and rising only last Friday crude oil went up $10 dollars a barrel in a day adding 5p per litre, add this to striking tanker drivers and unrest in the market; our products put money back in peoples pockets’

The service is offered on a mobile basis for fleets, drive in for individuals and in addition’s unique pricing structure is available as a pay monthly or pay quarterly tariff reducing the burden and only charging for the product as the consumer uses it, it costs from just £20 per month.

More information can be found on the company’s website