DNA Tuning have just launched their “SRS” pocket sized OBD serial port programmer for Porsche, VAG, BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover applications. The SRS system is a revolutionary new tuning solution that puts performance re-mapping into the hands of the owner. On first being plugged into the car’s diagnostic socket, a single press of a button takes an exact copy of the standard ECU content, and stores it within the SRS unit. Another press and the unit replaces the standard map with a performance map. The procedure is entirely reversible so that the owner may swap between the performance map and the standard map at any time, without a trip to a tuner, two performance maps can also be stored, so a performance map and a race gas map can be stored.

There is no need to open or tamper with the ECU. No PC or other programming software or hardware is necessary. Power gains can be up to 55bhp and 70lbs/ft depending on whether the engine is normally aspirated or turbocharged.

What makes the DNA SRS unique as a method of direct tuning via the serial port, is that the standard content, when flashed back into the ECU, is completely standard and unmodified in any way. Other methods of direct serial port tuning add extra software to the ECU code for purposes such as identification, encryption or map switching. Dealer service equipment will find such changes and would be unable to interrogate or reflash the ECU at all when applying routine service upgrades, thus invalidating the Warranty! NOT with the DNA SRS though. Programming via the diagnostic port using the DNA SRS solves the problem of all owners who want extra power and performance, but without compromising their warranty. Find more details at dna tuning