Software remaps are an extremely popular way to easily increase the horsepower and torque ratings of your car. The operation takes no more than a few minutes, and the moment you start up the engine for the first time, your car has more power – just like that. As Chris Harris says in this latest video by Drive, it used to take so much physical work to extract more power from an engine, now it takes mere seconds.

The aim of the video is to see whether a chip-tuned Audi S4, with a supercharged V6 engine under the bonnet, can be made to accelerate as quickly as the pinnacle of the A4 range, the V8-powered RS4. We’re not going to spoil it for you, but let’s just say it gets you thinking…

It is hard to reach a conclusion on the matter, without disclosing the details of the video, and therefore making it far less appealing. Since modern cars are so intricately linked to their on-board computers, altering the software seems like a pretty good way to fettle with a new and modern car – it’s far more intriguing than lifting the bonnet and seeing a big slab of branded plastic covering all of the interesting bits up.

Source: carscoop

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