BSR in Sweden is a high-tech company and is the market leader in optimisation of car engines, both in terms of performance and environmental control. BSR offers professional tuning services for a large number of European cars, using, among other tuning technologies, the PPC® Tuning system, developed by BSR.

The PPC® is supplied with a highly developed and sophisticated tuning program from BSR. The PPC® Tuning System is easily installed and will after a few minutes be provided with a tuning program via the car’s diagnostic port. If the need to reverse the programming exists, the original can be recalled just as fast. For reasons of security, the PPC® unit has been designed so that it “marries” itself to the car to which it is first connected.

The new SEAT Leon TFSI with 185Hp can now be tuned with PPC version 2. The new tuning software is optimized in many ways: Maximum power 248Hp@5000rpm and 390Nm@4000rpm; Maximum boost pressure approx 1.1bar; Improved runnability under all circumstances; Reduced power when engine is cold (approx 200Hp); Eliminated boost pressure reduction when braking (enables to step on the gas and brake at the same time without power reduction, for example when driving on a track); Torque limit on the gears for best performance. Price is approx 972 Euro. More info at:


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