ZipTuning shared some insights on the new Audi S3 with Siemens SIMOS12 ECU. The software contains perfect ignitiontiming for maximum power, little ignition adaptation accepted, lambda, good turbo request and actual, egt, enginetemp, reliable for engine.

With the original file the Audi S3 measured 313hp and 398nm. The Stage 1 tuningfile revealed 360hp and 463nm. The tool used was a CMD Flashtec. The software is available to resellers. Limited and Super mappack including tuningfile available for resellers.


  • Advanced ignition for RON 98-100
  • Maximales Motormoment bei C_TQI_TOL[NC_NR_POW_CLAS_ENG] set to 550nm
  • Higher Boost pressure setpoint factor for race start
  • Minimum engine speed for basic charge air pressure too low (CAP_L_BAS) diagnosis set to 8000rpm
  • Conversion table of pressure upstream throttle threshold above 1013hPa for intake overpressure protection set to 2000hpa
  • Higher Maximum boost pressure (over all OPP)
  • Maximum turbo charger speed set to 250000 rpm
  • Maximum turbo charger speed setpoint for turbo charger protection set to 230000 rpm
  • Engine speed top and bottom limit for a possible leakage upstream throttle deactivated
  • Higher Minimum boost pressure deviation for basic charge air pressure too high (CAP_H) diagnosis
  • Static engine speed limit for VVL system setat 7000rpm
  • Engine speed threshold for engine speed limitation for stopped MT and AT vehicle set at 4200rpm
  • Modification Engine speed offset for activation fuel cut-off at all cylinders also for stopped vehicle
  • Temperature difference to activate turbine overheating prevention set to 80 degrees
  • Maximum value of modeled catalyst temperature for inhibition of scavenging set to 900 degrees
  • Default torque value for maximum torque limitation for driver request escalation set to 550nm
  • Plausible maximum speed threshold for top limit speed error detection set to 320km/h
  • Detectable maximal vehicle speed of sensor set to 320km/h
  • Static torque limitation in autarkic state of gearbox protection CVT set higher
  • Maximum allowed torque at clutch AT set higher
  • Target torque limitation at clutch during active efficiency mode set higher
  • Maximum intake air of the engine at standardized ambient pressure for different valve lifts set to 1600 mg/stroke
  • Max. pressure up throttle at standard conditions set to 1500hpa
  • Maximum allowed pressure quotient at turbo charger compressor set to maximum
  • Surge line definition (component characteristic) for LV_SURGE detection when driving and idle set higher
  • Maximum charge air pressure quotient for charge air pressure too high (CAP_H) diagnosis set higher and the minimum set lower.
  • Basic engine out exhaust gas temperature for reference conditions
  • Basis for temperature correction of Basic IGA versus N_32, TIA set to less ignition correction based on intake temperature
  • Basic lambda, HPDI and MPI setpoint set richer
  • Richer Lambda full load enrichment based on rpm and Time elapsed in FL
  • Factor bottom limitation in case of error for torque power limitations deactivated
  • Factor to consider limitations for TIA set to correct only on higher temperatures
  • Factor for torque limitation correction based on coolant temperature to be used under warm ambient conditions set to correct only on higher temperatures
  • Maximum allowed torque at clutch MT and AT set higher based on RPM and gearposition
  • Maximum allowed torque at clutch in case of DROF (MT also 4WD) set higher
  • Maximum allowed indicated torque for torque limitation if transmission-ratio spread available set higher
  • Higher maximum torque at clutch
  • Indicated engine torque at reference conditions setting lower NM at high mass airflow
  • Mass air flow setpoint for torque intervention, valve lift and CAMs – selective for high port flaps position is inverted indicated torque.
  • Camshaft position setpoint, Port flap and Valve lift dependent modified at high rpm and mass airflow
  • Overall maximal velocity modified