atek-automotive-cables Atek is a leading supplier to the scan tool industry of high quality molded automotive diagnostic cable assemblies. Their cable assemblies are designed and manufactured to stand up to the harsh conditions of the automotive service environment and are custom built-to-order based upon the your specific configuration requirements (length, number of conductors, what’s at the other end of the cable, etc.). Atek manufactures a wide variety of molded cable assemblies & adapters, from the most basic cables to the most sophisticated cables with active components.

Some of the types of cable assemblies they offer include POS, OBD-II and other automotive diagnostic cable assemblies, J1939, J1708, FFC/FPC, Cat5/Cat5E patch cords, Cat5e Couplers, and serial/RS232, DVI, HDMI, RF, SCSI, PCMCIA, USB and mini USB, FireWire, wire harnesses, power cords, basic round cables, coiled cables, flat ribbon cables, special shielding requirements, cables that require custom overmolds, cables that require custom tooled connectors, and many others. Applications range from computer peripherals, networking equipment, PDAs and handheld computers, automotive instruments and diagnostic equipment, multimedia kiosks, RF/Microwave, A/V, medical devices, video displays, input devices, data collection equipment (point-of-sale barcode readers and scanners), and many others.

You can learn more about Atek standard off-the-shelf OBD-II product offerings in or visiting their website at


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