The SEMA SHOW is concluded, and has closed with the usual exposed cars parade. From 3rd to 6th of November all companies, working on special equipment sector, were there!

Alientech was present too this year, with its tools and services and we have noticed a very good multitude of visitors in our stand.

Between our products the stars of this expo have been the new ECM TITANIUM, software to map that makes tuners curious in particularly for its characteristic 8 Gb USB Key, and the POWERGATE, the OBD-CAN programmer tool, of which we have presented the possibility to personalize both the software and the hardware.

In this expo, the biggest world exhibition of the sector, not many Italian companies have taken part. Also this year we have noticed that requests to satisfy a problem, that is reduction and optimization of consumption, have grown and are not limited only to the European market.

The series of increases of petroleum prices ( and consequently of gasoline and diesel) for which the Europeans are used to have, has involved also the rest of the world. So oversea consumers need to have tools able to optimize petrol/fuel consumption for their high-powered cars.

For these reasons ECM Titanium and Powergate have been the products more interesting in the American exhibition. With our software it is always possible to operate on the engine with a particular attention to the consumption, when required. In some cases we can also provide/foresee how a specific modification will be able to influence the work of the fuel tank pointer.

Biodiesel and alternative fuels

Always speaking about the two products mentioned above, that have been the protagonists of the expo, they adapt themselves very well with the growing market of alternative fuels. In this field is recommended (and in some cases indispensable!) to modify the car electronic part to can optimize the efficiency of the engine with a particular type of fuel. It’s clear and tested that ECM Titanium make up a perfectly whole in this field, but for these works it’s right to talking about Stekio too. With this tool there is the possibility to manage fuels like GPL, ethanol, methanol, alcohol and their derivates. Thanks to the interpretation of the stohickometer relation and the calibration of advances using the knocking control it’s so possible to optimize the carburetion obtaining the best performances.

Another important tool that adapts itself to this type of market is Powergate because it can memorize untill 3 files (one original and two modified) in its internal, allowing to use the maps more suitables depending of the necessity of the moment. In fact user can , for example, prepare a car to work with two different fuels optimizating its performances both for one and for the other fuel. And then use the Powergate for the right map according to the fuel to use in the moment.

The next meeting with Alientech will be for the five days expo in Bologna, AUTOPROMOTEC, from 20th to 24th of May 2009.


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