An ABT Power New Generation upgrade can be felt when revving up. Otherwise, this innovative system with its separate ABT Engine Control unit and its specially geared software stays hidden. A collaboration between Zenec, the leading In-Car-Entertainment and GPS specialist, and ABT Sportsline, market leader when it comes to tuning cars produced by the Volkswagen Group, is now supposed to change that. The key here is a graphic user interface visualising a number of status information bits and making for a permanent “ABT Power on board“ awareness.

“What percentage of the uprating is currently being used? What is the turbo pressure? What is the oil temperature and G-force? Whoever has an ABT Power New Generation car should also get this information when they do not go to the limit,“ says CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt: “And it should be possible to track the before-and-after effect. That prevents habituation and makes for more permanent fun.“ The new device, called ABT Performance System, thus also features a password-protected “ABT Power on and off“ function. A practical side effect: if you lend the car to an inexperienced driver like your son or daughter, the engine can be downrated to its serial performance values.

And that is how the new ABT visualisation actually looks: the Zenec specialists are known for their entertainment and GPS solutions that they gear to the different cars, also in visual and functional terms. A newly developed interface, the so-called ABT Gateway, connects the respective Zenec multimedia device and the various ABT components. Probably in Q3/2014, there will first be an integration of the ABT Engine Control units. One year later, we might see the exhaust valve control unit and ABT Level Control unit solutions. Alternatively to an application and play-back on the car moniceiver, an app is also being planned. Some other ABT Performance System options are currently being considered.